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HDR Photography. What is HDR?

As a real estate photographer today I utilize high dynamic range, or HDR, photography to enhance interior shots and balance contrast outdoors.  I also use drones to capture an aerial perspective. Put the two together and you have HDR drone photography.

This can be a match made in heaven, resulting in stunning views from above. But how exactly do you capture multiple images from 100+ feet below your camera and blend them together?

Why we use drones for real estate photography.

As a real estate photographer, I have been capturing homes from an aerial perspective with a remote-controlled eye in the sky, and there are many ways to frame a property.

At a low altitude, you can capture the façade of the property and its immediate surroundings — this might include a swimming pool or spacious backyard. This kind of elevated perspective is often quite flattering.HIRE A PROFESSIONAL DRONE PILOT FAA certified serving the CT area

Send your drone higher, and you can show where the property sits within the neighborhood. This technique is particularly useful if there are amenities nearby, or the surroundings are attractive.

Coming back down to earth, it’s even possible to use a drone to frame human-height compositions that are inaccessible. For instance, you can use a drone to capture a balcony from over the edge, or line up a shot above carefully manicured flower beds.

How does HDR benefit drone photography?

Just as HDR photography helps to draw out detail from bright highlights and dark shadows at ground level, the same applies in the sky.  In some cases, the effects of HDR processing are even more beneficial for drone imagery.

High-altitude shots often encompass both a sunlit sky and the shadows around the property. The contrast becomes even more extreme if you choose to shoot in the midday sun or at twilight.

To keep both parts of the image properly lit, HDR processing is essential.


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